How to report

In this section you can report player, which broke the rules
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How to report

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How to report:
Pass on any and all information to a GM as soon as possible including suitable screenshots if necessary for investigation.
Exceptions and How To

A “suspension” is a temporary exclusion, whereas a “ban” is a permanent exclusion.
All punishments within reason are up to the GM's discretion up to and including IP banning for any offence.
When multiple rules have been broken, this will be taken into consideration and the punishment may be greater than that of the individual offences.
The player’s record of past offences will also be taken into consideration; all characters on the same account will be recorded together; i.e. a first offence on one character will mean the next offence on any character is treated as a second offence.

It is important that you take appropriate screenshots. This means the maximum conversation log must be visible and legible while keeping the actual screen content partly visible.
Press F4 until the conversation window takes up the full height of the screen and alter the transparency of this window so that the writing is clear and legible, but not so that the window is fully opaque.
Screenshots where very little of the conversation window is shown may be deemed inadmissible as evidence and dismissed.